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Watch the replay of Sahara's Invite-Only Virtual Book Launch Party where she discusses:

  • Why the Dosha you have today may be different from the one you were born with

  • Why eating food your body cannot digest (including raw foods) is like leaving a rotting banana in a hot car

  • Why your digestion is like a camp-fire

  • What to eat if you are a cross between two Doshas

  • What it means if you relate to all three!

  • Answers to many of your questions recorded live!





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about the book

"A must-read for anyone coming to Ayurveda for the first time or as a readable brush-up for all. Sahara offers a contemporary explanation of Ayurvedic wisdom that resonates with today's readers."-Deepak Chopra


Discover your Ayurvedic Dosha (mind-body type) and find the ideal foods, self-care practices, yoga poses and meditations that are tailored to your unique needs!



Well-known Ayurveda Expert Sahara Rose Ketabi explains Ayurveda in a contemporary way that hasn't been done before. Ayurveda is the world's oldest health system and sister science of yoga, originating in India 5000 years ago. It's the age-old secret to longevity, digestive health, mental clarity, beauty and balance that's regaining popularity today for its tried-and-trued methods. However, it's often been difficult for readers to fully grasp Ayurveda's intricate teachings.. Until Idiot's Guides: Ayurveda.



Sahara revitalizes ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and illustrates how little changes such as timing your meals, incorporating practices such as dry-brushing, oil-pulling and tongue-scraping, eating the correct foods for your digestive type and practicing the right yoga and meditation practices for your unique personality will radically enhance your health, digestion, radiance, intuition and bliss.


The book includes:


  • Discovering your unique Dosha and how it shows up in your physiology, metabolism, digestion, personality and even dreams.

  • Learning how your body's needs change according to the season, environment and time of day

  • Ways to regain luster, passion and flow in your life

  • Easy-to-make, plant-based recipes relating to each element

  • Establishing an Ayurvedic morning and nighttime ritual for optimal balance 

  • Balancing your chakras according to your Dosha 

  • Using Ayurvedic herbs and spices to heal digestive issues, skin problems, hormonal imbalance and other ailments.

  • Plenty of fun facts, holistic humor and sacred knowledge by Sahara that will help you seamlessly integrate Ayurveda into your lifestyle

  • Plus foreword by Dr. Deepak Chopra!


About the Author


Sahara Rose Ketabi is an expert in the mind-body connection and has been called "a leading voice speaking to the millennial generation" by Deepak Chopra.

She's a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach and Sports Nutritionist who specializes in blending ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern nutritional science and spiritual wisdom to help people become their highest selves. She's a well-known wellness personality with over 100k subscribers on her website EatFeelFresh.com and Instagram @IAmSaharaRose, as well as the host of the Highest Self Podcast which has been called "medicine for the millennials."

Sahara Rose lives in Los Angeles, CA and speaks and leads retreats around the world. Discover your unique mind-body type on her quiz at eatfeelfresh.com and receive a free 3-day Ayurveda mini-course. Follow her heart-filled Instagram stories @IAmSaharaRose and soul-filled podcast episodes at The Highest Self Podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.


Sahara is a graduate from Boston University, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, International Sports Science Association, Sri Kaya Kalp Ayurvedic Institute, Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine.

She is currently working on her next book Eat Feel Fresh: A Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook undergoing advanced studies in Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra and Meditation at the American Institute of Vedic Studies. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, Daily OM, LA Yoga Magazine, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, India.com, amongst other leading media sources.

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