Sahara is a featured keynote speaker in Ayurveda, entrepreneurship, spirituality, wellness and becoming your highest self. 
Come catch her at one of her live events or have her speak at yours!

Upcoming Events :

  • May 18-19: Wanderlust Seattle

  • March 14:   Dreamtopia Workshop in LA. Buy tickets here.


Past Keynote Speeches and Events

  • Deepak Homebase

  • Wanderlust Festival 

  • Soho House

  • Pays to Be Brave Conference

  • Unplug Meditation

  • ISHTA Center

  • Envision Festival 

  • Penguin Random House office

  • For The Love of Money Mastermind 

  • Den Meditation

  • Ceremony Meditation

  • Tantris Yoga

  • The Chalkboard Mag

  • Free People



  1.  Discover Your Dharma (Life Purpose)-- How You Were Born With The Gifts You Were Meant to Share

  2. Intuitive Ayurveda -- Discover Your Ayurvedic Dosha and How To Keep It In Balance Naturally

  3. Doshas + Relationships -- How The Ayurvedic Doshas (Mind-Body Type) Are The Missing Key to Relationship Success

  4. Ayurvedic Entrepreneurship- Discover Your Entrepreneurial Strengths and How to Thrive With Your Team


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