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Highest Self Podcast 032: The Need for Diversity and Affordability in Wellness

I talk some major truth in this podcast episode about a topic the universe has been reminding me to bring up.. the dire need to make wellness accessible to ALL. Part of being spiritual beings is care about the rest of the world. We can't ignore our brothers and sisters all across the country and planet who don't have access to the most basic health needs. In this pretty fiery podcast episode, I discuss my personal experience as a volunteer teaching nutrition at A Place Called Home in South Central Los Angeles and how wellness education AND resource allocation is more needed than ever. Volunteer in YOUR local community by searching on volunteermatch.org As always, we take the discussion to th

Highest Self Podcast 031: Curing Cancer With Earth: Interview With Earth Diet Author Liana Werner-Gr

Imagine you're a young 20-something girl, learning that you have a cancerous tumor in your neck. That's what happened to Liana Werner-Gray, who truly made her MESS her MESSAGE and healed her cancerous tumor through an EARTH-based diet.. and how now authored two book, The Earth Diet and 10 Minute Recipes with Hay House Publishing teaching you to do the same. I'm so excited to share this inspirational conversation with one of my dear friend Lianna Werner-Grey. Find out more about her at www.theearthdiet.com/ and Instagram @theearthdiet and @lianawernergray. Discover your Dosha, life purpose, so you can finally live the life you were meant to live and share your gifts on the planet through my D

Highest Self Podcast 030: Healing Ancestral Wounds: Why Some of the Stuff You're Dealing with is

This may sound like a totally foreign concept to you (it did when I first heard it) but not ALL the stuff you're dealing with is YOURS-- some of it has been passed on generationally from our ancestors. In this episode, I discuss my own personal ancestral baggage story that was holding me back from becoming my highest self. I then offer suggestions on how you can become aware of your ancestral wounds to heal them and finally become free. Discover your Dosha, life purpose, so you can finally live the life you were meant to live and share your gifts on the planet through my Dosha + Dharma 4 Week Immersion Online Program with weekly Live Q+A's, Transformative Webinars and Soul-Opening Meditation

Highest Self Podcast 029: Food Knowledge is Self Knowledge: Interview with Real Food Grocery Guide A

Ever been confused walking around the aisles of a grocery store with NO idea what to buy because the labels are SO damn confusing? Then this episode is for you. One of my dear friends Real Food Grocery Guide Author Maria Marlowe breaks down all the food facts for us, from organic to non-gmo to natural to everything in between and shares her story of overcoming cystic acne through changing her diet. Find Maria's book at www.amazon.com/Real-Food-Grocery…ts/dp/1592337554/ and connect with her at MariaMarlowe.com @MariaMarlowe. We are also creating a video series together called "Healthy Girl Problems" making fun of ourselves and the whole wellness culture so stay tuned on that on both of our In

Higest Self Podcast 028: Little Things That Are Lowering Your Vibration

We all know to live the life of our dreams, we must raise our vibrations. But EVERY DAY we're doing LITTLE things that are decreasing our vibration that we may not be aware of. I was doing one EVERY day until this podcast episode. Learn more about them in this episode. Join the movement back to ancient Vedic wisdom and order my #1 best-selling book, Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda: www.amazon.com/Ayurveda-Idiots-G…abi/dp/1465462767 Available at Walmart, Target, Barnes & Nobles and wherever books are sold. Join my private FB community Mind-Body Balancers to take the discussion further: www.facebook.com/groups/121366249…98309/?ref=br_rs Follow me on Instagram, FB and Twitter @IAmSaharaRose Transcrip

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