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Highest Self Podcast 036: Creating a Wellness Business With Your Bestie: Interview with Rock Your Bl

Ever wondered what it would be like to create a business with your best-friend? This episode is for you! Life coach Jacki Carr and yoga teacher Mary-Beth Larue had a vision of creating a program to inspire women to rock their bliss, bringing a balance of sweaty yoga and meaningful conversation to the table.. and they pulled it off! Learn more about how they did it and the dynamics of cultivating a thriving business while maintaining a friendship and personal boundaries in this episode. Find out more about them www.rockyourblissmovement.com. Connect with me on Instagram and join my cookbook journey as I create Eat Feel Fresh, a modernized version of Ayurveda, over at @IAmSaharaRose. Intro and

Highest Self Podcast 035: Understanding The Ayurvedic KOSHAS to Harness Intuition + Expand Conscious

If you've read my book Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda, taken my quiz on iamsahararose.com, read my blog, follow me on Instagram or listen to my podcasts, you already know about the Ayurvedic Doshas (mind-body types). But what fewer people in the US know about are the KOSHAS, the layers OUTSIDE our bodies, which are just as important. In this episode, I discuss all about the Koshas and how we are essentially human radios, picking up on subtle frequencies that provide us with more information than our minds ever can. I recommend listening to this episode with chapter 20 of my book Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda open because I explain it all in great depth in the book! I'll be doing more episodes around

Highest Self Podcast 034: From Troubled Youth to Sought-After Traveling Yoga Teacher: Interview with

If you enjoyed episode #32 on the Need for Diversity and Affordability in Wellness you will LOVE this episode with yoga, meditation and self-love teacher Rosie Acosta. She shares her journey growing up in poverty stricken East LA during the riots surrounded by drug-use and violence and how she became her highest self, now touring with Yoga Journal teaching yoga across the country. Be sure to check her out at www.radicallyloved.com @rosieacosta and listen to her podcast Radically Loved where she most recently interviewed me! Love this woman so much-- serious soul sister! We will be co-leading a Dance Your Doshas Ayurvedic Yoga + Dance workshop at Wanderlust this winter so be sure you are foll

Highest Self Podcast 033: Six Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Your Dharma (Life Purpose)

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? These six questions will give you clarity on what exactly you were put on this Earth to do. This is a little taste of my upcoming Doshas and Dharma Four Week Online Program, which guides you to discover your unique strengths and how you can share them with this planet. Learn more about the program and apply here: eatfeelfresh.lpages.co/doshas-dharma-program/ Discover your Dosha (mind-body type) with my free quiz over at iamsahararose.com Follow me on Instagram, FB and Twitter @IAmSaharaRose and youtube.com/sahararose Intro and Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor Transcription Episode 033 - Six Questions to Ask Yourself To Find Your Dhar

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