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Highest Self Podcast 054: How To Balance Your Chakras Through Dance

Have you ever felt blocked in certain areas of your life, such as your sensuality or ability to express yourself? Then you need to DANCE it out! This episode is all about how you can use different dance forms to balance your various chakras (energy centers in the body.) As a former competitive hip-hop and belly dancer, I truly believe that the body is the root of all emotional imbalances and by moving our bodies in certain ways, we can release traumas, pain, and blockages so our energy can flow freely and we can expand into our highest selves. We discuss: -The connection between our primal energy + African/ Dance Hall Dance -The connection between our sensual energy + belly dance, salsa,

Highest Self Podcast 053: How To Complete Everything On Your Bucket List: Interview with Ben Nemtin

What's on your bucket list? Chances are, you haven't really thought about it for a while. But in this episode, you'll see how important it is to have a bucket list AND how to make all your dreams come true. Ben Nemtin is one of the most inspirational people I've met. After dealing with depression, he set out for a trip around the country with his friends to fulfill their bucket-list, just them and their small van. For every wish that they got to fulfill, they would fulfill someone elses. As people heard about their project, it grew and eventually became a show on MTV! In this interview, Ben shares with us how interconnected we all are: how our wishes are not so different from others. By help

Highest Self Podcast 052: Intuitive Astrology 101 with Danielle Paige

Have you ever wondered WTF was going on in the stars and how to TRULY read an astrological chart? Then this episode is for you! I sit down with intuitive astrologer Danielle Paige of @HealingPaige to discuss all things cosmic. We address: -How to read your chart -Why your north and south nodes are SUPER important and have to do with your Dharma (life purpose) and past lives -How to blend in intuition with astrology -How to see if you are compatible with someone from your charts -Her views on the difference between a twin-flame and a soulmate -WHATS GOING ON IN THE WORLD! If you listened to Episode 50 We Are Waking Up: Transmission from the Cosmos and LOVED it, this episode is for you!

Highest Self Podcast 051: Why Changing Your Schedule Will Change Your Life with Ayurveda Dr Suhas Ks

In this weeks episode, I interview world-renown Ayurveda Doctor Suhas Kshirsagar, author of "Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life" and "Hot Belly Diet" both with foreword by Deepak Chopra. He is someone I have admired for many years with great knowledge about Ayurvedic wisdom and I am so honored to share this episode with you. In the interview we discuss: -The concept of digestion from an Ayurvedic perspective, the "agni" -Why our schedules are just as important as what we eat -The cause of agni from an Ayurvedic perspective -Why it's important to be mindful of who you are for your own health and wellbeing -Why food is sometimes overrated- it's only 1/5 of what we take in from an Ayu

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