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Highest Self Podcast 172: From Housewife to Co-Founder of a Billion Dollar Company with Lisa Bilyeu

Ever wondered what it’s like going from making protein bars for your husband before he goes to work to co-founding the largest protein bar company in the world? Now ever wondered if your digestive health suffered so deeply that you weren’t even able to eat those bars anymore, nor work at the company you helped grow? Find out with one of the realest, funniest women I know, Lisa Bilyeu. Connect with Lisa @LisaBilyeu and check out her Women of Impact show on Youtube (where I was interviewed on the episode on Identity in January!) Get 35% off your order of Youveda supplements at youveda.com with code “sahara” Start your professional health career at Southern California University of Health Scien

Highest Self Podcast 171: My Experience at Abraham Hicks— Law Of Attraction

I share with you my experience at a live Abraham Hicks workshop, what I learned, Law of Attraction basics, my personal take on it and how to use Law of Attraction to manifest the life of your dreams. Intro + Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor Let's take the discussion further in the Mind-Body Balancers FB group: www.facebook.com/groups/1213662491998309/ Discover Your Dosha (Mind-Body Type) with my free quiz: iamsahararose.com Connect with me for daily Ayurvedic and modern spiritual wisdom at Instagram: @iamsahararoseFacebook.com/iamsahararose Twitter.com/iamsahararose Order Eat Feel Fresh: A Contemporary Plant-Based Ayurvedic Cookbook and receive my Essential Oils for Your Doshas

Highest Self Podcast 170: Discussing Open Relationships with Aubrey Marcus

This episode was triggering for me and I’m SO glad I had it! Aubrey, NYT best-selling author, is in a very public open-relationship with his fiancé Whitney and is courageous enough to share it with all of us. In this episode we discuss his new book, daily routine what I believe his Dosha is (can you guess) and of course—his open relationship. I asked him questions that were on my mind, such as “Who’s idea was it? Are your other partners mutual friends? Is it a don’t ask, don’t’ tell policy? What are you going to do when you have kids? What if you both fall in love with someone else?” and he answered from a grounded, mature and wise place. It really opened my mind to see someone so vocal and

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