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Highest Self Podcast 306: The Great Split — Navigating The Spiritual Chaos with Sahara Rose

We are in a pivotal time where we are seeing the two very apparent timelines we can individually and collectively take -- into the 3 and 5D. However, this is going to only come with us going deeper than the mainstream “spirituality” we are seeing on social media. In this episode, I discuss the weaponizing of the word “spiritual bypass” that I see happening, the divide + conquer methods of the people in power and how so many people are unknowingly falling into the exact agenda that will keep us apart and living our optimal truths. This is a deep one so buckle up! Tap into your heart, your joy and your dharma this month with the frequency of Lemuria in Rose Gold Goddesses. Available as part of

Highest Self Podcast 305: Working With Your Menstrual Cycle for Optimal Living with Alisa Vitti

What does your nutrition, mood, exercise, productivity, ideal daily schedule and even sex life have to do with where you are at in your menstrual cycle? EVERYTHING! In this episode, we dive deep into aligning with your menstrual cycles so you can live a life of harmony, radiance and joy with the natural shifts. Connect with Alisa at @floliving and get her new book In The Flo for more! Track your menstrual cycle and begin each day with peace, clarity + joy with my new A Yogic Path Reflective Journal. Dive into into your sacred alchemy, divine feminine mystic magick and making your life your ceremony this month with our Goddess Isis in RoseGoldGoddesses. Available at RoseGoldGoddesses.com/Isis

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