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September 17, 2020

What if all of our problems came down to the core feeling that we weren’t enough? This is what we explore in this episode. Our ego is here to keep us safe and protected from the world around us. But when we speak to it in a loving way, it knows we are safe without it’s...

August 9, 2020

We are in a pivotal time where we are seeing the two very apparent timelines we can individually and collectively take -- into the 3 and 5D. However, this is going to only come with us going deeper than the mainstream “spirituality” we are seeing on social media.

In thi...

August 9, 2020

What does your nutrition, mood, exercise, productivity, ideal daily schedule and even sex life have to do with where you are at in your menstrual cycle? EVERYTHING!

In this episode, we dive deep into aligning with your menstrual cycles so you can live a life of harmony,...

July 27, 2020

We all want to make a difference. But how can we actually do it in a sustaining why that is in alignment with our truths, our dharmas and our highest joys? I discuss in this episode, I break down how the three Ayurvedic Doshas (mind-body types) are related to being of...

July 27, 2020

How has your relationship with your sensuality and sexuality been this quarantine? For many of us, not great. Our bodies have been stressed out, hence disconnected from our sensual essence. In this episode, we’re going to bring it back. I sit with sexuality expert Dr....

July 20, 2020

You may know Teal Swan from her spiritual Youtube videos and in this episode we’re going to be diving much deeper to speak about the energetics of this moment in time, spiritual activism, raising consciousness, the core differences between millennials + baby boomers (a...

July 12, 2020

We are in the great void right now- the space between the inhale and exhale, the womb, the cosmos, the black hole. And this is why things may feel a little weird. You used to have your footing, knowing exactly where life was “supposed” to be and now everything is total...

July 12, 2020

If you’ve seen Netflix’s Goop Lab, you probably remember the episode of Gwenyth Paltrow, Julianne Hough and the crew flying on beds from energy moving through their bodies. Well that healer facilitating it is Dr. John Amaral who is this week’s Highest Self Podcast gues...

July 5, 2020

This month on Highest Self Podcast we have been diving into anti-racism and doing the deep inner work and we take it to a whole other level with our guest Devi Brown. I ask her all of the questions I’ve heard people too afraid to ask and Devi delivers it with poise, wi...

June 28, 2020

If we want to move into the new paradigm, we have to embrace this. You can have joyful in this time. You can be sad in this time. You can be both at the same time. In fact, that’s what it means to be a human. In this episode, I share why it’s so important right now to...

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