Highest Self Podcast 247: Questions To Discover Your Dharma—Meditation with Sahara Rose

January 5, 2020

You were born with a divine purpose. And this meditation will help you remember it. Close your eyes, tune in and let your soul speak to you your Dharma in this guided meditation.


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Episode 247 – Questions To Discover Your Dharma- Meditation with Sahara Rose

By Sahara Rose


Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to the “Highest Self” podcast.  A place where we discuss what makes you your soul’s highest evolvement.


I am having such a beautiful end of the year, a jam-packed year where I created so much. Wrote my new book “Discover Your Dharma,” spoke all around the country, created Rose Gold Goddesses, lived my life, got married, moved, all of the beautiful transformations that come with being a human. And the end of the year is just a time to reflection all that you created in this year, and really in this decade, as we close out the 20-teens and we open up the portal to 2020, the decade of higher vision, your 2020 vision.


It’s a powerful time to reflect, and also to set up the foundation of what we want moving forward. And I’m a huge fan of rituals because it takes a little bit of boundary-setting to honor the transitions in life. You know, if we don’t have these boundaries, these containers that I’m gonna write in my journal, I’m going to sit in circle, I’m going to do a meditation. If we don’t create these boundaries for ourselves, then life can throw us a lot of things, and we can let life define us instead of us defining our lives. And especially today when we have more options than ever before, we go on social media, and we’re seeing millions of people living their lives in different ways in real time, but we don’t see the whole picture.


It can make us extremely distracted, and extremely confused, and extremely out of our own centers. And something that I really noticed, you know, in myself and a lot of people is we only get the answers to the questions that we ask. So our lives only expand at the rate to which we are asking questions. When we ask bigger questions, we become a bigger person. Most of us don’t have ask questions. Most of us were taught not to. Raise your hand—oh, no questions right now. Figure it out.


And what this did is it made us just think that life is something that is given to us that we’re handed our circumstances, we’re handed our lives, and we just have to figure out how we’re going to best cope. And that coping can come from overworking, over eating, overstressing, over meditating, whatever your chosen drug is—over loving, over sharing. And life is not meant to be something that we just cope with. Like it’s not supposed to be this painful experience that life’s tough, get a helmet, right? It’s not supposed to be like that. Life is meant to radically be enjoyed.


You know, most of us have not even opened our minds to the possibility that we can have lives beyond our greatest imaginations. In fact, our truth, our highest expression, we’re not even aware of that yet—myself included. We only know what we know, and when we ask ourselves what else is out there, we begin to open up the possibility for what we can become.


So I’ve been creating a series of meditations on dharma for Insight Timer. I have a course on there, “Discover Your Dharma” ten-day course, and I have been doing some meditations, and I wanted to do one here for the “Highest Self” podcast community because you guys are dharma seekers, you know that you have a purpose here that your life is not an accident, that nothing is a coincidence, that everything that you’ve gone through was your soul’s unique training to bring you to this moment.


You know that you chose this lifetime. You chose your parents. You chose your body. You chose your place of birth. You chose the obstacles, the circumstances, you chose this all as the microcosm of the problem that you were meant to solve. So perhaps you were born into a family where there was addiction. You got an inside look of what that addiction can look like, and because of that, you’re able to see it for what it is, you’re able to have a compassion for it. You’re also able to see how it destroys families and homes, and you’re able to help others solve it.


You may have been born in the microcosm of closed-mindedness, and you’re the one to take that journey, to open up your mind, to discover new modalities of healing, of seeing, of being. So you can then take that and share it with others who still do not. You may have been born into the microcosm of poverty. Seeing the pain of not knowing how you’re going to pay rent, pay for groceries, pay for school. And because of that you were able to see the mindset, the belief systems, as well as how you can overcome that, reframe them, and choose an abundance mindset.


We’re all born into the issues that we were meant to solve. We were all born at this time because we are meant to use the resources available to us, such as the internet, to help others. W were brought here on this planet essentially as a cleanup crew. Cause I don’t know what souls have been coming through for the past thousand years, but they clearly were not doing dharma meditations. Now I mean they were a couple thousand years ago, but more recently it was just a new variety of souls. And we come back, the world is coming back into balance, there has been a lot of industrialization, there’s been a lot of growth, there’s a lot of good that’s come from that, there is an emerging middle class, there’s technology, and also there’s a lot of stress, there’s a lot of inequality.


But none of it is coincidental, and all of us have autonomy. As much as we have a dharma we also have free will. So just because you were born with your dharma does not mean that you are going to necessarily do that dharma. Just because I hand you $20 doesn’t mean that you’re going to share it with others. You may have been born with the gift of singing. Are you doing that professionally? Are you sharing it? So we’re born with different gifts, but it’s up to us to have the courage and the strength to share them.


And most of us don’t even give ourselves credit of what those gifts are. We think that everyone has one, that they’re nothing special. We don’t realize that the things that come easily for us can be extremely difficult for others. We don’t realize that not everyone has the same willpower as we do or empathy as we do, or organization as we do, or compassion, or whatever your unique expression is.


So when you notice that, we begin to realize that we were born an extremely gifted and unique being. And all of these qualities, these characteristics, these temperaments, is all part of the unique fabric that you were meant to weave into this global quilt. And doing so will be your highest happiness.


You see, most of us, if you ask what is the meaning of life, we say, “The meaning of life is to be happy.” Right? Good answer. I mean that sounds pretty conscious. But the meaning of life is not to be happy because happiness can’t always exist. If you were always happy, there would be no such thing as happiness. Happiness comes from duality. There would be not happiness if there was no unhappiness. We need the light to have the dark. We need the shadows to have the brightness.


So the meaning of life is not to just experience one emotion. Because the universe would not have gifted us with such an array of emotions from excitement, to compassion, to fear, to anxiety, to beauty and love, and awe, and surprise, and bliss, and everything in between. You know, there are thousands of emotions, and micro emotions that we can experience, so why would the purpose of life to be to confine ourselves to only experience one when that can’t happen without the others?


The purpose of life is not to be happy. The purpose of life is to live your purpose. Happiness is a byproduct of purpose. Happiness is a natural expression of what happens when you are in alignment. Happiness is not something that we can go in there and strive for. You know, I can decorate my house really nicely, but eventually I’m gonna get bored of it, and I’m gonna need something else to stimulate me.


And then you know I can invite my friends over, and then eventually I’m going to get tired of that too, gonna want some alone time. And then I can take a bath, I can eat, I could do all the things that, you know, momentarily make me happy. But they’re all finite. I don’t want to be in that bath forever. I don’t want to be eating forever. I don’t want to be doing anything forever except living my purpose.


That is one thing I will never get sick of. Because living your purpose is like tapping into the greatest life force. It is fueling you with something otherworldly. It’s like you’re plugged into this like cosmic like Tesla-like charger, you know? And it’s like… It is giving you energy, strength, courage, desire, passion, straight from the cosmos. Nothing else can do that.


So most of us would downplay our desire to seek a life of purpose. You know, so many people say, “I don’t really care about finding my purpose. Like it’s not a big deal for me. I don’t even really think we have one. I mean I think like our purpose is just to like live and be okay with it.” And again, as notable as that is, the truth is I don’t think there’s anyone out there that hasn’t questioned their purpose. I think if someone hasn’t questioned their purpose, they’re probably living a very restricted life.


Your purpose is like that big elephant in the room that until you acknowledge that, well, there are other people who are living their lives on purpose, so I know this thing can exist because I’ve seen it for other people, but I don’t think that it can happen for me. Because, you see, I wasn’t born with singing skills like Justin Bieber. I wasn’t born creating businesses like that C.E.O. was. I wasn’t born sewing things from the time I was a kid and became like Vera Wang. I wasn’t born with any of that stuff so I don’t really have a purpose, you know, I’m pretty just normal. There is no such thing.


So many of us downplay our strengths just as we downplay our desire to find our business. And doing so is the greatest pitfall that we can make in this lifetime. Because if we don’t ask that question of what our purpose is, we spend our enter lives wondering. And then pushing that aside saying, “There is no space for that. Why are you asking questions for things that you’ll never find the answer of?” And then the question comes back when you’re about to fall asleep at night, just that one thing on my mind. And you might like being in alignment with my purpose—sleep, numb, close that box. Cause you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to find your way through. This is how most of us live our lives. We’re so afraid of not finding our purpose that we don’t ask the damn question.


So I don’t want this to happen to you. And I know you don’t want it to happen to you either if you’re listening up to this point. Because your soul is that patient part of your that listens between the words. And this entire time I’ve been speaking directly to your soul. So right now I’m going to ask this part of you some questions. I’d like for your mind to stay out of this, please. I know you have a list of things that this person needs to do, and they’ll do them, but right now you’re not needed. Right now I’d like to speak to the soul—the part that knows, the part that carries the code, the part that knows your dharma.


I invite you to close your eyes and take a deep inhale in… and sigh it out. Deep inhale in… And sigh it out. Deepest inhale in… And sigh it out. I’m going to begin a series of sentences that I would like your soul to respond to. So just allow the first words, very first response, to come through. And you can also do this as a journaling exercise. Deep inhale in… and sigh it out. Grounding, anchoring, connecting. Then we begin.


  • I’m good at…

  • I love to…

  • I help others by…

  • I’m known for…

  • People ask me for…

  • I feel joy when…

  • I acknowledge that…

  • I’ve gone through…

  • I can help by…

  • I am here to…

  • I’ll do it by…

  • I will do it with…

  • I will do it for…

  • I create…

  • I love…

  • I fear…

  • I know…

  • I am…

  • I was born to…

  • I am ready to…

  • My dharma is…


Come back to this meditation every day, every week, however often you feel called. And each time, a deeper part of you will remember. And the answers to these questions will continue revealing themselves.


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Episode 247 – Questions To Discover Your Dharma- Meditation with Sahara Rose


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