One taste, breath or touch of dōTERRA essential oils —

that’s all it takes to feel bliss...

These pure plant extracts —
the only oils on the planet rated

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

have absolutely stolen my hearts and changed

my self-care practice forever.

… and I know you’re gonna love them as much as I do.


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I’ve been on a lifelong quest for mind-body balance and these oils have been the missing piece of the puzzle...

dōTERRA oils are safe enough to eat and heal your body from the inside out.


I bring the Digestion formula with my wherever I go for an instant Ayurvedic digestive-enhancing tonic

I add a few droplets of geranium into my sesame oil an indulgent abhyanga self-oil massage

I upgrade my oil-pulling with a couple droplets of peppermint in my coconut oil for further freshening benefits


I diffuse warming oils when my Vata is out of balance, cooling ones when my Pitta is out of balance, stimulating ones when my Kapha is out of balance

I balance my thyroid with the Zendocrine blend

And maintain a healthy weight with the Slim + Sassy blend

And stay healthy during flu season with the OnGuard softgels


I’ve replaced all my household products with their 100% clean ingredient products, such as laundry detergent and dishwasher gel

And swapped out my toiletries for their uber organic self-care products, such as toothpaste, deodorants, body wash and shampoo


I’ve even gotten my fiancé to stop chewing gum, but instead having their all-natural Slim n’ Sassy gum, which contains a drop of the oils #upgrade


You can safely say these oils have penetrated every area of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Beyond the benefits, I adore what this company stands for.. human rights for all.

I believe we vote with our dollar and I am proud to vote for doTERRA every month.


What makes doTERRA different from ANY other company out there is they actually cultivate the herbs where they are indigenous to, still using ancient practices.


As we know, you can grow an herb away from its home but it wont be the same herb. Other companies that boast that their herbs are all grown in the US must not be aware of the importance of growing locally and supporting local farmers


Herbs are the most healing when they are indigenous too and it's important we support farmers using the traditional distillation practices to protect the land and it's people. 


in fact, doTERRA pays farmers 4x what they normally make to ensure they're using ancient practices and to keep the industry alive. They've helped hundreds of thousands of women get out of sex trafficking by providing them with jobs to cultivate these oils in countries like Kenya, Vietnam and Guetemala (I even watched one of the men who helped free these women from prostitution to instead grow Pink Pepper Oil at the doTERRA convention! It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.)


doTERRA is the only certified therapeutic grade oil out there and is third party tested, which no other oil is. They are clean product EVANGELISTS and actually lose money off their Frankincense because it is so high quality and they want to still make it accessible for people. I dont know any other company that does that. 


doTERRA also has their incredible Healing Hands non-profit organization that has supported incredible intiatives such as rebuilding Haiti, freeing victims of human trafficking, teaching women about female hygiene, protecting our environment and se much more.


Every single oil they produce — in fact every single batch of oil — is tested to ensure it complies with their rigorous quality compliance system.


This level of purity and stringency is unheard of in the industry.


In fact you can even look up each and every bottle online to see *exactly* what you have in your hand, all third party independently tested and verified.


It’s why they’re the only company on the planet whose oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, and it’s why they’re the only brand you should trust.

You can spot the people who’ve already discovered the dōTERRA difference...

They’re empowered to take control of their health and their future — and it radiates.


Their skin is glowing.

They’ve got more energy.

They sleep sounder.

They don’t succumb to the same bugs and flu’s that hit everyone else.

Their cooking is yummier

Their house is cleaner

Their digestive system are on FLEEK

And, of course, they smell divine!


… and it’s all because of these 100% pure plant-based extracts.



Getting started with essential oils couldn’t be simpler...

We’ll show you how to order your first kit in just a moment.


But first, there’s an epic bonus we want to tell you about that’s yours FREE when you sign up for your first-ever dōTERRA purchase using our special link…


We want to help you walk the Path To Wellness.


I’ve teamed together with some of my closest friends + industry leaders in the wellness space to create the ultimate program that shares with you ALL the secret, must-know tips, tricks, hacks, and recipes to maximize your use of the oils.


That’s why, when you buy your first dōTERRA kit through my link, you’ll also be invited to join  the Path To Wellness program at NO extra cost. (You read that right — it’s totally free! 🙌)


Path To Wellness is where our team will support you in incorporating these powerful plant extracts into your life in the healthiest way possible.


Think of it as a high-end essential oils coaching program meets interactive online membership and support portal that’s jam-packed with GAMECHANGING resources like:


  • Ayurvedic tips for using these oils to balance your Doshas, regulate your hormones, enhance your digestion and maintaining a healthy weight.


  • The best oils for enhanced memory, productivity, boosting mood, healing anxiety


  • Delicious oil-infused recipes that are so freaking yummy, your family won’t even realize they’re insanely nutritious! It’s incredible what just a couple droplets of basil essential oil can do to your pesto, geranium to your strawberry fruit-roll up and cumin to your curry! We’ve got you hooked for every recipes under the sun using these oils.. including gut-friendly gummies your kids will love (and you.. who are we kidding!)

  • The best natural beauty routine that will shrink your pores, enhance elasticity and make your skin glow without ANY toxins

  • How to make your own clean homecare products, so that your kitchen surfaces glistens (and smell amazing!)

  • How to get rid of mold the natural way, for a spotless shower and bathroom. (People don’t realize how big of an issue mold is and is in so many homes causing a TON of symptoms like brain-fog and dis-eases!)

  • How to turn up the passion in the bedroom with these oils (yup—there is an oil for that too!)

  • The science behind why these oils are so effective. Because they don’t just smell divine... they’re proven to be some of the most powerful substances on the planet! (Perfect to share with your partner who may need the research to believe in something!)

  • BONUS: My Essential Oils to Balance Your Doshas E-Book with over 50 pages of content on how to use these oils for Ayurvedic mind-body balance!




















And this is just a TINY bit of what you’ll get in the Path to Wellness Program.


Quite simply, there is NO other program out there.


I am essentially gifting you the leading essential oil program FREE,

simply for using my link!


“But isn’t dōTERRA a Network Marketing business?”



Yes! And that is what I love about it—It is truly collaborative marketing at its very best. I’m honored to support people putting out work that I love and being part of a company that is doing so much to help that planet.


If, one day, you want to explore that option, we have a special program to help you do that (it’s called Path To Freedom, and you automatically get free membership to it when you purchase through our link).


But it’s completely optional. Most of my tribe simply use (and love!) the oils. And if that’s you, we couldn’t be more excited to show you how to get the most out of them...


That Your Fellow Oil Enthusiasts Asked Before Grabbing Their First Kit...

It’s 100% Risk-Free to Get Started.


dōTERRA offers an industry-leading Returns Policy, so if you give the oils a go and decide they’re not for you, simply get in touch with the amazing team at dōTERRA to organize a FULL refund or credit (depending on how long it has been since you purchased).

Here’s what people are saying about the dōTERRA difference...


Dr, Jessica Peatross
Melissa Ambrosini
Alyson Charles
Cassandra Bodzak
Allie Michelle
Krista Williams
Dr, Jessica Peatross
Melissa Ambrosini
Alyson Charles
Cassandra Bodzak
Allie Michelle
Krista Williams



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